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Sunset boulevard by Simon Matzinger
Pink toned thoughts on a hike — Everything comes in waves, even mountains.
Grafiti by Jean-Philippe Delberghe
Wind Turbines
One of greatest views I’ve ever seen! Wind Turbines in the snow!
Aurora – Þingvellir by Kym Ellis
March 2017, on the eve of my 28th Birthday, I decided to try and catch the Norther Lights for the first time. We sat in the national park Þingvellir, just outside Reykjavik for a few hours, freezing, unsure what we were looking for. Then right in the distance I saw a very feint white light appear in the sky where the clouds were just a short hour ago. I pointed it out just as people started to stand up and get excited. The lights started here and danced above our heads and over to the other side of the hill we were standing on. I cried.
Maine Harbor Fireworks by Ray Hennessy
A fireworks display in the harbor of Lubec Maine. The dusk sky, water and boats provided a beautiful setting for the colorful show.
Busy Bees by Eric Ward
A honey farm in Rocklin, CA is home to over 300,000 busy bees.
Architecture by Ronald Yang
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God is Real by Martin Jernberg
We were cold and tired but it was totally worth heading out in the dark for these shots! :)
Flatiron by Denys Nevozhai
his was my second time in NY city and I had a mission to take a good picture of this landmark because I failed to do it first time. I used my Joby Gorillapod and ND filter in order to capture a crisp long exposure shot and spent quite some time sitting on the ground, playing with different settings, trying to catch a perfect vehicle trail.
Follow me by Sorasak
Parkveien #3 by Tamas Medve
A future vision of our street. This is the 3rd piece of my container city project.
Medusa - Photo by Joel Filipe
Photo by Bogdan Dada, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy
Bee vs Flower Photo by Diana Măceşanu
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Made You Look | Oh I Want To Get Away. by ∆ Studio–JQ ∆
Fly Away. Holiday season! All Works Copyright © 2017 ∆ Studio–JQ ∆
Foxes of Zao, Japan
Two foxes fight in a snowy environment in Zao, in the North of Japan. Zao is the home to the only fox village in the world, which is a sanctuary for rescued foxes. They are tame enough to get close to.
001 Log in & Sing up by Tian
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Photo by Max Ostrozhinskiy