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Aqualitis Webdesign
Google Redesign by Amisi Kevin
Player Statistics by Adam Bałazy
Portfolio web page by Samuel Scalzo
Find a City - Clearmove by Matej
This is a main page for all your city searches. Here you can find a city guide of your choice and also compare any 2 cities you like. Anyhoo Clearmove will have very detailed city guides which you will see in more detail next week. The city compare uses real data which gives the user detailed information about Grocery, Restaurant, Travel and Living costs. But more on that in another shot.
The Official Zurich City Guide by Sascha
Hotels, restaurants and attractions on the official tourism portal of Zurich. The best tips for sightseeing, shopping and culture.
Engine Dashboard by Artyom Khamitov
Portfolio Template by Michał Ptaszyński
We’ve created the most unique and original template you have ever seen. Bored of all these templates looking exactly the same? This one is for you. It doesn’t matter what kind of work you want to add. Now you can fit the best and the most useful patterns and rearrange the case study subpage as you like. Most likely a majority of users will visit your website via smartphone or tablet. We designed dedicated layout for each platform so that visitors using different types of devices will easily reach the same goals. Violin Dark – Responsive HTML5 & Retina ready Template
Nasa Website Concept by Giga Tamarashvili
Stock Image Website by Anton Chandra
VOID Conference by Ben Schade
Bedouin by Circular by Victor Erixon
Music Website Concept
Material Facebook Bro
facebook in material by Dennis Sevryukov
Facebook goes material
I'm loving Google's material design guidelines and thought I'd try out a refresh of everyone's favorite social network. By James Bergen Plummer
Barcelona FC web concept