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Full screen photo App UI
001 Log in & Sing up by Tian
This is about the login and registration interface, registered as pop-up card type, can complete the registration and direct login.
News Feed for Mobiles
Sign Up & Sign In for mobile app
Mobile UI Kit
eCommerce Dashboard UI/UX Kit
UI App kits
Cl Data App
Fitness Design by Gray
Daily Design_ui_02 by Gray
Landing Page of a shopping store by Nitin Jain
Mobile Dashboard Design by Raaz Das
Health class application design 4 by XINBO
The optimized data show, better make it concise, convenient and improve the user experience, and the interaction between pages, you slide in the data, hope you like it
Music Player UI
Mountain story website by Samuel Scalzo
DFA Stats by Kreativa Studio
Here is a snippet from a larger group of animated infographics we’re working on for Dubai Future Accelerators.
Health Tracker App - Concept by Matteo Mapelli Iteration by Alex Sailer
Working on some visual design for our client Still a WIP but it's been fun messing around with darker backgrounds.
Movie Theatre app by Tanya Anokhina
Styl - Part 2 by Dhanesh Mahesan
Hey Folks, Glad to show you something I've made a while ago for an app called Styl, that helps discover the best salons, stylists and trending styles in town. An appointment with your favorite stylist is just clicks away. Hope you enjoy it. Feedback and thoughts always welcome.