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Aurora – Þingvellir by Kym Ellis
March 2017, on the eve of my 28th Birthday, I decided to try and catch the Norther Lights for the first time. We sat in the national park Þingvellir, just outside Reykjavik for a few hours, freezing, unsure what we were looking for. Then right in the distance I saw a very feint white light appear in the sky where the clouds were just a short hour ago. I pointed it out just as people started to stand up and get excited. The lights started here and danced above our heads and over to the other side of the hill we were standing on. I cried.
Maine Harbor Fireworks by Ray Hennessy
A fireworks display in the harbor of Lubec Maine. The dusk sky, water and boats provided a beautiful setting for the colorful show.
God is Real by Martin Jernberg
We were cold and tired but it was totally worth heading out in the dark for these shots! :)
Photo by Sebastian Davenport-Handley
Night snowy mountains
Lake by night
Enlightened by Jonatan Pie
Strolling down the canyon. It was midnight and auroras were bursting, but i was stuck in the canyon, so i tried to make as much use as i can from the position where i was. The idea fell on my mind to light the sides with the torches and another selfie came out :)
Made for more by Jason Strull
During this winter trip to Yosemite we were driving around like hyper highschool girls freaking out at all the amazing photos that presented themselves in the Yosemite national park at night. When we took the turn to see this sight I said “Stop the car!!!” Its way better in person, you have to visit some time.
Maldives by Shifaz Huthee
Reflecting the Sky by Jonatan Pie
Night forest by Alessandro Viaro
Night photography
Have fun
By Kinson Leung
Milky way
After a long day of backpacking, I snapped this photo on Zion National Park’s West Rim Trail at about 7,000 feet. In the dark hush of night, my group was awestruck by the luster and enormity of the Milky Way Galaxy. Full of couscous and warm cider, we each were rendered silent in wonder. It brought to mind a quote from I often think of when staring at the heavens and mull over the triviality of my problems:
Aurora night
By James Studarus
Oakland Bay Bridge at night
By Jeff Fan
Moon faces
Night Light Beams