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Alto's adventure (fan art)
Some fan art i did way back for Alto's adventure, it's a great game and the art is just awesome !!
Color study
Just random renders for a color study
Snack Bar and Wet Wipes Mockups
High-quality Snack Bar and Wet Wipes Mockups
Freelancer 3D modeler / 3D concept artist
Cartoon Space Scene by Cinema 4D
Game Environments
Cosmos of Light – 6 by Stefan Große Halbuer
Our Cosmos of Light exhibition has now been almost two years ago... Here's the full project on Behance: https://www.behance.net/gallery/23777443/Cosmos-of-Light
Kastrup Lufthavn, Copenhagen Airport by Barrington Russell
I love pretty much everything about aviation, so Kastrup Lufthavn was a natural choice of study! One of my favourite aspects of this piece was hand-painting all the runway marking textures in photoshop. #planegeek
Copenhagen Suborbitals by Barrington Russell
SPACESHIP! Copenhagen Suborbitals is Denmark's amateur manned space program. They're aiming to crowdfund a man into space and they need your donations! This scene shows their maritime launch flotilla departing from affectionately dubbed "Spaceport Nexø" on the island of Bornholm. I'm an enormous rocket geek so this tribute was a true labour of love. Higher quality version: www.ow.ly/UXzNy and many more on my page here: https://www.facebook.com/thelopoco/
Copenhagen Suborbitals, Detail by Barrington Russell
Closer detail of my piece for the rocket company Copenhagen Suborbitals.
3D polygon planet