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9 GREEK ISLANDS from Above
BULGARIA from Above
Aerial photographs and videos from Bulgaria. Summer 2016 Shot with DJI Phantom 4
FORMENTERA Island from Above
Photo by Bogdan Dada, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy
Bridge photo by Denys Nevozhai
Photo by Manu Adán
Can’t wait for vacation
This photo was shot with my DJI Phantom 3 in Thailand, Krabi in 2016. It’s possible to get to the Sirithan Beach (sandy island) walking from the mainland (more right) in the water. The maximum depth in the most shallow path is waist-high. A little inconvenience totally worth it because the beach is almost empty and feels like a paradise.
Dream Drive by Aaron Burden
I was visiting family in Florida and I decided to get up early to watch the sunrise. I had the whole beach to myself! I enjoy the beauty and serenity of the early morning.
Great Salt Lake by Matt Howard
Bird eye’s view by Kimon Maritz
Winter vibes in the Swiss Alps! The last couple of days we have been able to experience winter in full effect in Switzerland!
Cheers for the year by Felix Russell-Saw
Nasa photos