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Nintendo Gameboy Classic
hots vector
Treva - Job Hiring Platform Exploration (Sketch Freebie)
Hello Everyone , I am doing some exploration with job hiring platforms. Here is one of the experiments. You can download the sketch file from the attachment. Enjoy! ✉️ Feel free to knock me for freelance projects.
Tinder App Redesigned (Free Sketch File)
Hey Everyone This is a rebound of Tinder UI redesign. Let me know your opinion.
The Future Dystopia
A Voxel look into the future Follow me on https://www.instagram.com/hifoo/ please
Mars Base
Follow me on https://www.instagram.com/hifoo/ please
Gradient outer space covers
MYANMAR Temples from Above
MYANMAR Bagan | Yangon | Mandalay November 2016
Furniture Website
Visual Language 4
Hello, This is an experimental project. All the images and text are just demo data + image manipulations. Thank you.
Nothing Can Stop
#1 Cinema UI
Space Gun 2
Hope you like it. ❤️
Hurson (FREE FONT)
ntroducing HURSON HURSON is born from original and hand-drawn style font. This font gives a feel of vintage, classic, old, handmade looked like. Already PUA Encoded and I think this font is perfect for people looking for vintage aesthetic or handdrawn logo. Suitable for any graphic designs such as branding materials, t-shirt, print, business cards, logo, poster, t-shirt, photography, quotes .etc.
Plane crash
According to official US records the crash took place on November 24, but this is incorrect: The correct time and date is the afternoon of November 21, 1973, as reported by local media and eyewitness accounts. The cause of the crash are somewhat unclear as accounts differ as to whether it was due to human error, a mechanical failure, the plane running out of fuel, a storm - or a combination of all these factors. The most popular theory of what caused the crash is that the plane crashed after running out of fuel during a storm, after the pilot accidentally switched to the wrong fuel tank.
River Flow
If you like it, like and don’t forget to follow me so as not to miss new illustrations.
If you like it, like and don’t forget to follow me so as not to miss new illustrations.
Dark angel
game character concept