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Above The Clouds
Photos used by Francesco Ungaro, XX Liu, Nathan Dumlao, and Mohammad Alizade vis @unsplash Edit Time: 1hr 19min Music: Echoes of Eternity by Markus Huber and Undone by Bryant Lowryy
Radisson Blu Capital - HOSPITALITY & LEISURE
The challenge was to create a unique and dynamic landmark for the city that will stand at a height of 150 meters making it the tallest high rise in Nicosia to date.
The design of this spreading collection of facilities has been orchestrated so as to permit that it follows the escalating character of the landscape. The volumes of the built environment keep close to the ground, their angled geometry following the rugged hillside while also creating confident spaces and relationships of their own. Hard surfaces and sheer surfaces are broken up through substantial planting.
Apotropaeus ( Book Cover ) God of music, poetry, arts, oracles, archery, herds and flocks, diseases, healing, light, sun, knowledge and protection of young
Climacophobia. Fear of stairs, climbing, or of falling downstairs.
UI design for music website
This is a UI prototype for music website.Here,I have made use of skeumorphic pattern to design buttons.
Ui design for Royal Enfield
This is a Ui design of bullet royal enfield classic model .Made with the help of Figma tool.This design also so minimal as it uses only some font and color.Hope you like it.
Nutrition Food Store Mobile App
UI design for perfume store
This is a User Interface design for a perfume store which i created using tool figma.This a minimal style design and have a subtle 3-D look with the navigation bar at the top of it.
The Tritank
Insta One.
Nintendo Switch
I'm thinking of getting an Xbox One S. Any game recommendations?
Ariane Space Project Part 1
I've been extremely lucky enough this year to work with a number of space companies. It started with Blue Origin, then Nasa, and now landing on Ariane Space! The first part of this project is highlighting their conception Ariane 6 rocket... It's made in two versions, with 4 thrusters or 2, of course I had to do the 4 thruster version. The next part of this project will be on their current rocket with scheduled launches, the Ariane 5.
Small personal project about some Russian state-owned companies.
Imagine - John Lennon
Multiple purpose poster
This is a poster design with created by c4d . Don't forget to perfect. Thanks
Lonely Tree
Hi friends ;) If you like this style and colors, click Like (L) and do not forget to follow me so as not to miss new illustrations. I will be very pleased if you praise me :)
Speedsculpt: 2 hours As some of you might know, I looove the 3D Character Workshop by Shane Olson. This month the student challenge is to create speed-sculpts (1-3h per day) with the themes of MerMay. I‘ll try to sculpt something every day, but I‘m not sure whether I‘ll post everything on IG or not. This challenge is not about perfection - it‘s about having fun, getting loose and increasing my skill. This is the MerMay2019 speed-sculpt I created yesterday. I‘m actually quite surprised how it turned out. I‘ve been struggling to create anything for the last few weeks, but this challenge helped me overcome my creative block.