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The Tritank
Insta One.
Nintendo Switch
I'm thinking of getting an Xbox One S. Any game recommendations?
Ariane Space Project Part 1
I've been extremely lucky enough this year to work with a number of space companies. It started with Blue Origin, then Nasa, and now landing on Ariane Space! The first part of this project is highlighting their conception Ariane 6 rocket... It's made in two versions, with 4 thrusters or 2, of course I had to do the 4 thruster version. The next part of this project will be on their current rocket with scheduled launches, the Ariane 5.
Small personal project about some Russian state-owned companies.
Imagine - John Lennon
Multiple purpose poster
This is a poster design with created by c4d . Don't forget to perfect. Thanks
Lonely Tree
Hi friends ;) If you like this style and colors, click Like (L) and do not forget to follow me so as not to miss new illustrations. I will be very pleased if you praise me :)
Speedsculpt: 2 hours As some of you might know, I looove the 3D Character Workshop by Shane Olson. This month the student challenge is to create speed-sculpts (1-3h per day) with the themes of MerMay. I‘ll try to sculpt something every day, but I‘m not sure whether I‘ll post everything on IG or not. This challenge is not about perfection - it‘s about having fun, getting loose and increasing my skill. This is the MerMay2019 speed-sculpt I created yesterday. I‘m actually quite surprised how it turned out. I‘ve been struggling to create anything for the last few weeks, but this challenge helped me overcome my creative block.
Nasa Shuttle Phone Wallpaper
Hi to everyone! I made you all a free wallpaper for your phone... Looks awesome on the lock screen! Check below for the download links :) Color Wallpaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gAMvvAXgp4aGqLxJES2PJMOKmcboTI4u/view?usp=sharing Black & White Wallpaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N_5hBXEFokpzMuokOwGiINXetxxXF3C6/view?usp=sharing Follow me on https://www.instagram.com/fugstrator/
Reallova [FREE FONT]
That's REALLOVA Come to The name Reallova comes and comes to give true love. Love your great work. With a touch font display, Reallova provides a bold touch, fun and a little with a brush effect that will add a natural love for your design. This font is very suitable to be used as a book title, typography design, poster, quote, shirt design, logo type, template, banner, flyer, headline title, and many more.
This one goes out to my valentine, Lu. Photos used by Marcus Lewis, Annie Spratt, Nguyen Bui, Maira Salazar, Evie S., Brad Newcomb, Doug Kelly, Emily Rudolph, Fred Tromp and Ruth Gledhill via @unsplash Music: Easy Going Today by Markus Huber and Silver Eyes by Hale via @soundstripemusic https://app.soundstripe.com/songs/9552 https://app.soundstripe.com/songs/7988
The Dream of the ice cream man
The Washington post magazine about the economical struggle of immigrants in collaboration with Andy Gellenberg
Humble bundle character
Super quick model for the humble bundle character
Enjoy the silence
zBrush practice - First time sculpting a female character!
Quick zBrush practice!
Smile! - Head sculpting practice
Rubber ball from my childhood